23 March 2018

Dance Gavin Dance Announces New Album!

Dance Gavin Dance, the post hardcore-mathcore-experimental (and whatever other genre you want to throw at them) Sacramento band have announced their latest album. Here is what we know about it so far!

  1. The Album is called Artificial Selection.
  2. The album will feature 14 songs which are:1 – Son of Robot
    2 – Midnight Crusade
    3 – Suspended in This Disaster
    4 – Care
    5 – Count Bassy
    6 – Flash
    7 – The Rattler
    8 – Shelf Life
    9 – Slouch
    10 – Story of My Bros
    11 – Hair Song
    12 – Gospel Burnout
    13 – Bloodsucker
    14 – Evaporate
  3. The album is coming in Summer, with preorders expected to be shipped around the 27.07.2018 although an exact date is not confirmed yet.
  4. You can preorder the album and other merch deals from here: dgd.merchnow.com (shipping is around $12 though to the UK #SavedYouAClick).

  5. The album artwork looks like this:

Once again Dance Gavin Dance have decided to have the same art style that has run through all their albums, we may continue to see some more music videos expanding on the whole animal human hybrid world! But if not maybe we’ll see some other experimental videos such as these below: