26 March 2016

Crossfaith, The Qemists and The One Hundred , The Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton 24th March 2016

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Gosh it’s going to be a busy one and it’s getting warm already. Tonight’s bill has thrown together three I guess what you would call ‘cross over’ bands. As a genre bender myself this means I think I’m in for a good night. The crowd could also be considered cross over as a wide age range is evident with t shirts ranging from Motley Crue to Bathory to Rammstein.

Tonight’s opener are THE ONE HUNDRED. Entirely new to me, they grabbed my attention from the get go, no easy task when presented with a jaded reviewer like myself. Combining tasty electronics, metal riffs, hip hop beats and shouty vocals they have won a fan in me and I parted with a fiver for their debut EP. Think early Rage Against the Machine, Senser and Hadouken being slapped around by Public Enemy. I’m keeping my beady eye on this bunch and their rather cool logo which should be seen on a fair few chests if they keep this up.

Brighton underdogs THE QEMISTS were the sandwich filling tonight. They sound and perform like they should be huge, yet they are more than happy to warm up the crowd for tonight’s headliners with a mere 30 minute set. I’m going to digress a moment here as it needs to be said that they are a rather nice bunch of blokes, who took time out to sign a birthday card for a friend of mine whilst I was interviewing them before their recent Hammerfest show, cheers guys. Onto the music. The lads served up a typically bass heavy highly energetic assault, with many of the songs obviously very familiar to the crowd. During their all too brief 30 minutes they 12910119_1551268408499220_2115098896_n‘Stomp Box’ from ‘Join the Q’ right to ‘Run You’ and ‘Anger’ (which coincidentally features Crossfaith) from their recent bombastic telefantastic album ‘Warrior Sound’ (by the way, the Warrior Sound t shirt design is rather desirable).

So, to the act that the rather varied crowd have been waiting for. CROSSFAITH are VERY eagerly received right from the beginning. These guys certainly throw their all int the show as the stage is filled with flailing limbs, hair and instruments. Hailing from Japan, Crossfaith have been described as electronicore though in truth they are far more metalcore than electronica. Yes, there are some synths and programmed rhythms during the intros and breakdowns but once in full gear, the crowd are here to mosh and Crossfaith are eager to 12596327_1551270318499029_365090339_nfeed them their well written widely appealing brand of downtuned catchy metal. ‘Devils Party’, ‘Ghost In The Mirror’ and
‘Eclipse’ in particular display lean and mean riffs delivered with shout along choruses that many battle metal bands would be envious of. While personally my tastes would prefer that Crossfaith have a full foot planted in the electronica camp rather than just a big toe, there is no denying that they have delivered tonight, as the sweaty and happy crowd will testify.