28 February 2014

Bohren & der Club of Gore – Piano Nights

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Review by Andrew Watton-Davies (Raggedy’s World of Music)

Bohren & der Club of Gore - Piano Nights frontcoverMoody, sullen, and utterly enthralling. Piano Nights is a collection of nine slow tempo, minimalist jazz tracks that present a mellow yet sinister world of film noir, rainy days, and deep contemplation. It’s a dark place, though not without touches of warmth, and it’s played out on piano, organ, drums, bass, and saxophone, along with the odd touch of other instrumentation whenever its needed. “Hauntingly good” springs to mind, along with ‘for gods sake someone make a movie to use this as the soundtrack for’. It isn’t the kind of thing I normally go for but I’ve been utterly dragged in by it’s charm, its simplicity, and its unwillingness to rush into anything. I strongly advise anyone who has the time to give it a listen as it’s just mesmerizing in all the right places.