03 March 2020

Bloodstock M2TM Heat 1 Birmingham

Kicking off tonight at the Dead Wax in Digbeth was a highly anticipated event called Metal 2 The Masses Heat 1 in Birmingham. The evening was hosted by Ian And Ryan from Surprise Your Dead and the MMH team were honoured to work alongside them to support new and upcoming bands.


Metal 2 The Masses is a great opportunity for bands all over the Country to perform at their local venues and show members of the public their passion for playing. A big shout out to Simon Hall , without him none of this would be possible.


The first band of the evening were called Solars. The four piece post rock band are from Birmingham Uk and created an ambient atmosphere solely focusing on their music with no vocals.


A freaky disco metal band who goes by the name of Dead Happy were the next band up and I don’t think the crowd were quite ready for what the 2 piece band from Stourbridge UK had in store for them.The singer goes by the name of Professor Patrius. When a singer comes on stage with cyber head wear and a lab coat it definitely turns heads and captures the audiences attention. The band made it through to the quarter finals taking place in May.Check out the interview with Professor Patrius below!



A 3 piece psychedelic,stoner rock band called Ponderosa Sun Club were third on the bill tonight. Forming just one year ago from Birmingham Uk. The band were a great addition to the evening and took us back to where to the 70’s where it all began.


The last band of the evening and winners of Metal 2 The Masses Heat 1 were a 5 piece metalcore band called Overthrone. The band really did deliver to the Home Of Metal tonight and bounced off the energy of the supportive crowd. Overthrone formed two years ago and are from Birmingham Uk. I had chance to catch up with them at the end of their set and as you will hear in the background of the interview friends,family and fans were thrilled with the results. Overthrone will be at the quarter finals in May so make sure to head down and show some support.




An all round amazing evening and it was great checking out new local bands on the scene right now. A big shout out to all the bands involved. Check out gallery from the evening. Courtesy of Photographer Tony Gaskin -Stagedive.

M2TM Heat 1-Birmingham-Live Coverage Gallery

This Friday MMH will be joining Surprise Your Dead at The Asylum 2 in Birmingham for Heat 2 be sure to come along and show your support.Check out the event details on the link below!


Metal To The Masses – Heat 2