12 January 2018

Ballsdeep announce endorsement deal with Zombie Dust Pickups and Boult Guitars

Paul ‘Hinge’ Priestley from Ballsdeep has struck a sponsorship and endorsement partnership with Zombie Dust pickups and Boult Guitars.

 “It’s been great to work with like-minded people like Chris (Boult Guitars) and Willie (Zombie Dust Pickups) to produce a guitar that is perfect for me.” Says Paul ‘Hinge’ Priestley about the announced endorsement.
“I’m still using the flying V shape that I’ve been playing for years and my custom Boult Ascent with its basic setup is perfect to slot into the raw sound of Ballsdeep. I’ve been working closely with both companies to develop a guitar that is a gut ripping in its simplicity, as little wiring as possible giving me the most devastating sound possible.”
“The Boult Ascent comes with a single zombie Dust Hingebucker (my twist on the Zombie Dust Doomsters) with counter sunk hex bolt pole pieces, fitted with locking tuners to make changing strings on the road quick and easy and one volume keeping it simple for stage use. More twists coming on models soon”

You can catch Ballsdeep on the road throughout the first half of 2018 including a short headline tour in January and mainstage performances at HRH Metal in February and Hammerfest in March:

12th January – Red Rum, Stafford
13th January – The Dev, London
20th January – Opium Club, Edinburgh
26th January – Atomic, Wrexham
27th January – Firebug, Leicester
17th February – HRH Metal, 02 Academy, Birmingham
16th March – Hammerfest, North Wales

*Please note – Wrexham’s venue has a name change

Latest video: goo.gl/UobRCP