01 March 2020

Adam Onslaught Presents The Global Onslaught 28.02.20

Welcome to another week of The Global Onslaught and this week, yet again, we bring you some of the best artists and music from around the planet.

On the show.

Black Mirrors-Whispering Ghost
Black Tree Vultures-Pull Apart
Calling Apollo-Parallels
Currents-Second Skin
Deadfire-Call From the Void
Dramalove-Written in the Stars
Ego Kill Talent-Now!
El Misti-The Rose that Poisoned the Ground
Exhorder-The Man That Never Was
FyreSky-Pleasure for Pain
Gotthard-Bad News
H.E.A.T-Dangerous Ground
Hatebreed-When the Blade Drops
Kim Jennett-Counts for Nothing
Koburg-The Ego has Landed
Kreator-Enemy of God
Machine Head-Circle the Drain
Maddison-I am
Samantha Fish- Watch it Die
Soul Jacker-Watercolours
The Fangs of Dodo-Crime of the Century
The Final Clause of Tacticus-Between the Lines
The New Roses-Nothing But Wild
Turmion Katilot-Sano Kun Riittaa
Willie and the Bandits-Keep it on the Downlow
Zenith Moon-Going Under