01 March 2020

Dancing With The Dead Podcast February 29

Every week Ben Jekyll loots through the latest singles separating the trash from the diamonds so you don`t have to!

This week`s finds include

Blood Command – saturday city
Aether Realm – goodbye
Turmion Katilot – sano kun riitaa
Body Count – bum rush
Exhorder – the man that never was
Ocean Grove – thousand golden people
Employed To Serve – harsh truth (relived)
Koburg – the ego has landed
Trixx Taylor – envy
Rottengraffty – 相殺微量サイレンス
Omen Machine – core solution ( I was advised by the band that the files had been mislabelled when they transferred them over!)
Irist – severed
Highfront – for this life i pray
Skunk Anasie – this means war
The Animal In Me – choke
Severed Illusions – pain or pleasure
Currents – second skin
Ankor holy wolf
In This Moment – hunting grounds
Falling In Reverse – the drug in me is reimagined
SiM – bully
And The Sky Darkened – the darkened await
Out – lie no limits

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