20 December 2020

Adam Onslaught Presents The Global Onslaught 18.12.20

Seasonal greetings and salutations one and all (see what I did there?) and welcome to the final show of 2020. The year has been, without question, eventful on many levels but like all negative things it’s important to put those behind us and focus on the good that has come from this year, baking for example…. oh….and the great music of course. On this weeks show we have a throng of tremendous talent of all shapes and sizes.

We have music from Arizona, the Middle East and as far flung as Australia, a true reflection of the boundless and borderless world of guitar influenced music. I’m very excited.

On the show.

Anuryzm- Ruby Demon
Arcaeon- Origin of Dreams
Callow Youth- Over Your Head
Cheap Meat- Marigold Moon
Down with the Kings- Out of Control
Dub Trio- Them Thing Deh Dub (ft Benji Webbe)
Edenthorn- 1993
Ego Kill Talent- Deliverance
High as Hell- House of the Holy
King of Sweden- Dreaming About the Emerald
Landmvrks- Lost in a Wave
Lazer Beam- Sink or Swim
MOFOiSDEAD- The Gospel of Engadine
One Morning Left- Neon Highway
Our Mirage- Remedy
Pet Needs- Pavlovian
Poppy- Bloody Money
Prospective- Dust and Memories
Siamese- Can’t Force The Love
Skarlett Riot- Gravity
Sunnata- Crows
Sylosis- Worship + Decay
The Hu- Sad But True
The Hyena Kill- Bleached
Vola- Head Mounted Sideways
Voodoo Six- Never Beyond Repair
Warped- Raised by Goats
Within Temptation- The Purge