09 June 2019

Adam Onslaught Presents The Global Onslaught 07.06.19

Welcome to another week when we take a journey around planet Earth to bring you our very own #globalonslaught of all music that is great and good. #adamonslaught takes us on his own adventure around the planet to discover the latest music on his own, personal quest.

On the show this week.

American Glutton- Charmed by the Snake
Any Given Day- Start Over
Black Sheets of Rain- No Rest
Bloody Hammers- From Beyond the Grave
Cutting Teeth- No Mercy
D-A-D- Prayer for the Loud
Death Angel- I Came for Blood
Destruction- Born to Perish
Eva Bartok- Chess Club
Fyresky-Pleasure for Pain
Gloryhammer- Gloryhammer
Heart of a Coward- Ritual
Krysthla- Zero Sum Game
Next Year- Remember Me
Palace of the King-One of These Days
Phantom State- Nomad
Piston- Rainmaker
Quiet the Thief- Open Road
Revival Black- So Alive
Ruled by Raptors- Braggart
Slipknot- Unsainted
The 69 Eyes- 27 and Done
Twister- Young and Affected
Vader- Steeler
While She Sleeps- Set You Free
Wolf Jaw- Hear Me
Words that Burn- Arise
Year of the Dragon- Take Control