07 April 2019

2011- 50 Years Of Metal

Suicide Silence- The Black Crown

Words by Matthew Brooks

Deathcore is often maligned by more traditionally minded extreme metal fans, and it can be easy to see why when looking at the more derivative parts of the scene. Suicide Silence have always been better than that, and on this- their third album and final with late vocalist Mitch Lucker- they arguably reached their creative high point. There’s a healthy does of nu metal running through this album, with low end, simple grooves in a lot of the songs. Extreme metal fans are given a treat as Suffocation vocalist Frank Mullen joins the band on the crushing Smashed. Korn’s Johnathan Davis provides a clean hook to Witness To The Addiction making it stand out from the rest of the tracks. Beyond these tracks there are the usual elements of deathcore: huge breakdowns, ear piercing screams and a healthy does of rage. It goes without saying that You Only Live Once and Fuck Everything are incredible anthems that will stand out as some of the sub-genre’s very best songs. regardless of your thoughts on their latest release, Suicide Silence have an incredible catalogue of songs, due in no small part to this album. This album also cements the legacy of Mitch Lucker as one of the greatest vocalists in heavy music.


Pentagram- Last Rites

Words by Stephanie Ingram

Last Rites was the 7th studio album by Viginia doomlords Pentagram. The album came out in 2011 and was released on the 11th April through Metalblade Records. With the fast paced distorted riffs and Bobby Liebling’s signature vocal’s giving the band their iconic sound ,this album surely gave a blast from the past feel.Not forgetting those immense elements of doom solos.The most popular tracks from the album were ‘Call The man’ and ‘All your sins’ .There were 2 more tracks intended for the album but never quite made it and they were called ‘In to the Ground’ and ‘Nothing Left’ which were from Pentagram’s original line back when the band formed in 1971.