19 March 2019

1994- 50 Years Of Metal



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Atop a shimmering ride cymbal and gradually building dissonant chords, Jonathan Davis’ mighty bellow asked us if we were ready. And whether we were or not, the ensuing carnage blew the doors off the hinges and ushered in the nu metal era. With a rhythmic undertow of David Silvera’s powerful grooves and Fieldy’s distinctive slap bass, on which Munky and Head traded barbed riffs, the band’s raw, straightforward sound (aided by Ross Robinson’s stripped down production) inspired countless imitators. Davis’ wild, aggressive demeanour and harrowing vulnerability resonated with isolated and disenchanted listeners the world over, striking an emotional chord that helped establish a loyal fan base that sees them enjoy popularity to this day. Korn went on to bigger (and arguably better) things, but as far as pure savagery goes, they were never as potent as they were on this groundbreaking record.