15 March 2019

1989-50 Years Of Metal

Obituary- Slowly We Rot

This album came out on May 16th 1989 ,when the Florida Death Metal scene was emerging. The album was recorded in Tampa at Morrisound Studios(unfortunately now closed) USA. Obituary formally known as Executioner in 1984, played a huge part in the Death Metal scene in the 80’s leading up to the 90’s. The band have changed the line up over the year’s but the line up on ‘Slowly we Rot’ was John Tardy, Allen West, (Jp Chartier session) , Trevor Peres , Daniel Tucker and Daniel Tardy. If there’s one way to explain John Tardy’s vocal’s on this album putting it bluntly is filth,John has this ability to make himself sound like he’s growling and groaning at the same time,pulling the most insane faces (from what I’ve seen between the mass of amazing hair) John makes it sound effortless and he has managed to maintain his vocal’s during the band’s career even up to this day. The heavy distorted riff’s,high pitched solo’s really do go hand in hand with the track’s on this album and show us was true death metal is all about.The album has a great mix of break downs,melodic solos,thrash and most of all double bass.This was in fact one of the heaviest album’s Obituary had made and has made it to the list of one of the most iconic Death Metal albums of all time .

The Lp consisted of

  • Internal Bleeding
  • Godly Beings
  • Til death
  • Slowly We Rot
  • Immortal Visions
  • Gates To Hell
  • Words Of Evil
  • Suffocation
  • Intoxicated
  • Deadly Intentions
  • Blood soaked
  • Stinkupuss

The album was also remastered in 1997 with the following bonus demo track’s added on,

  • Find the arise
  • Like the dead





La Guns- La Guns

‘Cocked and Loaded’ is the second studio album by American Sleaze Rock band L.A. Guns. Recorded at Hollywood studios One on One, Music Grinder and Conway Recording, it was produced by Duane Baron, John Purdell and Tom Werman, and released on August 22, 1989 by Vertigo Records. The band’s line up at the time was former Girl Vocalist Phil Lewis on lead vocals, Guns ’n’ Roses original guitarist Tracii Guns on lead guitar and backing vocals, Mick Cripps on guitars, piano, backing vocals, Kelly Nickels on bass and backing vocals and Steve Riley on drums; with additional musical appearances from Ted Nugent on guitar and Robin Zander, Rick Nielsen and Derek St. Holmes on backing vocals. “Rip and Tear”, “Never Enough”, “I Wanna Be Your Man”, “Malaria” and the band’s most successful tune, the tragic ode to legendary 50s and 60s film actress Jayne Mansfield, “The Ballad Of Jayne” were released as the album’s singles. At the time, media response to Cocked & Loaded was positive, and retrospectively, the album has received widespread critical acclaim for its influence on this genre. L.A.Guns, perhaps more than any other act that originated in that decadent decade, personified the gritty sound of sleaze to perfection. Quite simply, this is a high energy album full of great hooks, catchy songs, superb guitar playing and sleazy vocals. Cocked and Loaded has that raw and sleazy vibe that makes great rock and roll.

Track List

  1. 1 Letting Go
  2. 2 Slap In the Face
  3. 3 Rip & Tear
  4. 4 Sleazy Come Easy Go
  5. 5 Never Enough
  6. 6 Malaria
  7. 7 The Ballad of Jayne
  8. 8 Magdalene 9 Give A Little
  9. 10 I’m Addicted
  10. 11 17 Crash
  11. 12 Showdown (Riot On Sunset)
  12. 13 Wheels Of Fire
  13. 14 I Wanna Be Your Man