14 March 2019

1988- 50 Years Of Metal

Helloween – Keeper of the Seven Keys Part II 


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Two of the most influential and important power metal releases ever issued, the Keeper albums (originally planned as a single release) shaped the landscape for multitudes of bands in the European scene. Whilst part one has the distinction of originality by virtue of chronology, part two boasts the better songs. It still has elements of the harsher speed metal tendencies that propped up their Walls of Jericho album but there’s a far bigger focus on what would become staples of the genre. You can trace countless songs back to the templates set out by the likes “Eagle Fly Free” or “March of Time”, with their double bass bursts, melodic guitar lines and soaring vocals. Michael Kiske made himself a hero to many with his soft, distinctive timbre and impressive range becoming the archetype for the masses of budding lead singers who would flood the genre in the coming years. No power metal collection is complete without either of the Keeper records.


1989-50 Years Of Metal