12 March 2019

Wille and the Bandits with support from The Rainbreakers – Club Ifor Bach, Cardiff, 7 March 2019

The Rainbreakers opened up to a pretty full venue and gave a great set of their own music, promoting their self produced album. it was their first time playing their brand of easy listening music in Cardiff. The early crowd enjoyed the bluesy riff filled music. Wille and the Bandits played to a full house showing versatility, skill and talent as well as humour!  Most of their long set was made up of their own compositions, but their rendition of the ‘Santana’ classic ‘Black Magic Woman’ went down a storm. Despite being a three piece, their set of easy going blues rock also included an electronic double bass, two sets of tom-toms and a lap steel. It was a thoroughly brilliant set, enjoyed by everyone who had crammed into the packed venue.

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