04 July 2018

Vinnie Paul Tribute – Rocking the studio 02.07.18


Tonight’s show was a split show – First half was the usual amount ogre kick-ass rocking tunes, then the unsigned/up and coming bands in the Loud Lounge, then a monsterous tribute to the late Vinnie Paul, founding member of Panter, Brother of Dimebag, and one of the most influential metal drummers to walk the earth.

Aaron Buchanan & the cult classics – All the things you said
Aerosmith – Devils got a new disguise
Altaria – Stains on your switchblade
Dire Straits – Walk of life
Edguy – Forever
Espionage – Enter the Arena (FACEBOOK)
Guns n roses – Welcome to the jungle
Guns n roses – Paradise city
Hell Yeah – Hell yeah
Ian Gillan – Men of war
Jorn Lande – Rock spirit
KISS – Cold gin
Manowar – House of death
Masterplan – Enlighten me
Metatrone – Last bleeding pain (FACEBOOK)
Damageplan – Newfound power
Rebel Meets Rebel – Nothing to loose
Ostura – Erosion (FACEBOOK)
Pantera – Projects in the jungle
Pantera – War Nerve
Pantera – Strength beyond strength
Pantera – 5 minutes alone
Pantera – A New level
Police – Every breath you take
Pantera – Primal concrete sledge
Puddle of mudd – Never change
Queen – want it all
Queensryche – London
Shakra – Faces
Stratovarius – Eagleheart
Ugly Kid Joe – Candle song
Van Halen – Loss of control
Whitesnake – Slow poke music
Zakk Wylde – Throwing it all away
ZZ top – La Grange

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For this tribute to Vinnie Paul, I have two videos for.
The first showing what a monster he was on the drums (as I said in the show, there’s so much going on all over the place on his drumming):-