25 August 2021

US Old school death metallers Centenary are back with a new release! MMH

US Old School Death metallers Centenary are back with a new release. The newest album is a reflection of their old-school death metal influences.  Heavy HM-2 riffs with pummeling low-end bass and punishing drums. Sick guttural vocals ranging from highs to lows. The album has blasts, solos, and grooving headbanging rhythms.



Jim Albrecht – Bass

Mike Bradley – Guitar/Backing Vocals

Matt Cunningham – Lead Guitar

Adam Davey – Drums

Allen Mercer – Vocals


Recorded in February 2021 by Jeff Vergiels in various underground dwellings in the state of Michigan.


For fans of Entombed, Dismember, Grave, Unleashed, Obituary…




Entangled in Entrails

Liquified Rot

Strangled by the Night

Tower of Excarnation

Ceaseless Astral Dirge

The Laughing Death

Malicious Symbiosis

Remote Manipulation

Facial Dislocation

Slaves From the Grave

10 September 2021 | CDN Records | CD and Cassette