16 September 2020

Thrash Bash – 16.09.20 – Ep 5


Welcome to your new home all things FAST, HEAVY and LOUD! Join me, MJ, for all things THRASH from metal legends and rising stars alike. Tune in this week for:

Motorhead – Bomber

Condition Critical – Fatal Incision

Vexovoid – Prophet of the Void

Hatchet – Silenced by Death

Bio-Cancer – Torturing the Innocent

National Suicide – Anotheround

Suicidal Angels – Face of God

Bonded by Blood – Feed the Beast

Exodus – Bonded by Blood

Testament – Native Blood

Anthrax – Be All, End All

Tyranno = Heading to the Coven

Korvak – Mind Malefactor

Expander – R-Type 2 Civilization

Witchery – The Hangman

Deathstorm – Deathblow

Evilcult – Sons of Hellfire

Red Razor – Violent Times

Anubis – Everything Disintegrates

Eruption – Drones

Onyxhead – Crimson

Oath of Cruelty – Pounding Hooves of Shrapnel

Axeslasher – In the Woods There is No Law

Necrokinesis – No Future

Sarcator – The Hour of Torment

Tortured Demon – The Invasion