09 September 2020

Thrash Bash – 09.09.20 – Ep 4

Welcome to your new home all things FAST, HEAVY and LOUD! Join me, MJ, for all things THRASH from metal legends and rising stars alike. Tune in this week for:

Misfits – Skulls

Nunslaughter – Ritual of Darkness

Razor – Enforcer

Raven – Mind Over Metal

Accept – Fast As A Shark

Rage – True

Black Fast – The Coming Swarm

Devastator – Howling Night

Morbid Saint – Beyond the Gates of Hell

Lick King – Combat Mosh

Heathen – Opiate of the Masses

Ranger – Shock Skull

Skeletonwitch – This Horrifying Force (The Desire to Kill)

Thrashfire – Thrash, Beer and Violence

Demolition Hammer – Skull Fracturing Nightmare

Nervosa – Hostages

Artillery – By Inheritance

Nite – Genesis

Collision – Cripple the Cross

Creepshow – Moshferatu

Skelator – Cyber Samurai

Crusadist – For Blood and Conquest

Hellripper – All Hail the Goat

Wraith – Devil’s Hour

Darkthrone – Duke of Gloat