04 November 2020

Thrash Bash – 04.11.20 – Ep 12

Welcome to your new home all things FAST, HEAVY and LOUD! Join me, MJ, for all things THRASH from metal legends and rising stars alike. Tune in this week for:

Satan’s Fall – Juggernaut

Extinction A.D. – When Ya Get Drafted

Grym – Reaper of Souls

Exciter – Violence and Force

Exumer – King’s End

Grim Reaper – See You in Hell

Diamond Head – Am I Evil

Slayer – Postmortem

Stortregn – Through the Dark Gates

Species – Falls the Tower

Evocatus – Tartarus

Detherous – Hacked to Death

Dead Cross – Skin of a Redneck

Intoxicated – Smash the Line

Them – Forever Burns

Idle Ruin – The Devil’s Trade

Incinery – Ellison

Unholy Night – Evil Rock’n’Roll

Pantera – Goddamn Electric

Motorhead – Love me Like a Reptile

Annihilator – Alice in Hell

Celtic Frost – Into the Crypts of Rays

Bathory – Hades

Beloved Ghouls – Terrorized

Death – Spirit Crusher