23 May 2020

The Stonedead Radio Show 22.5.20

As we get ever closer to the best rock festival out there, we bring you memories of past events at Newark and Donington and look forward eagerly to August 29th and the Stonedead Festival!!

Track List –

Samarkind – Black Rain

ACDC – Guns For Hire (Live At Donington 1984)

Wolfsbane – Steel

Dio – Rock & Roll Children (Live At Donington 1987)

Fallen Mafia – Undead

Aerosmith – Young Lust (Live At Donington 1990)

Diamond Head – Death By Design

Ozzy Osbourne – Over The Mountain

Scorpions – The Zoo (Live At Donington 1980)

Inglorious – Breakaway

Twisted Sister – I Am I’m Me (Live At Donington 1983)

Iron Maiden – The Evil That Men Do (Live At Donington 1992)

The Quireboys – Mona Lisa Smiled

The Almighty – Wild & Wonderful (Live At Donington 1992)

Therapy? – Screamager

Thunder – Backstreet Symphony (Live At Donington 1990)

The Amorettes – Let The Neighbours Call The Cops

Inglorious – Where Are You Now

Saxon – Backs To The Wall (Live At Donington 1980)

Gary Moore – Victims Of The Future (Live At Donington 1984)

Judas Priest – You Don’t Have To Be Old To Be Wise

Whitesnake – Ready An’ Willing (Live At Donington 1983)