11 September 2016

The Sanctum 7th September 2016 Edition (Moonbathers Special)

DJ Scott brings you your weekly fix of some of the very best music in the world of symphonic metal and folk metal. This week on the show we had Charlotte and Martijn from Delain present their new album Moonbathers in its entirety with track by  track commentary, as well as a fine selection of tracks from The Silent Rage, Nightwish, Tyr, Saor, Equilibrium, Trollgasm and more.

[mixcloud width=”” height=”” cover=”1″ mini=”1″ light=”1″ autoplay=”1″ tracklist=”1″ artwork=”1″ iframe=”true” ]https://www.mixcloud.com/MidlandsMetalheads/the-sanctum-7th-september-2016-edition-moonbathers-special/[/mixcloud]

Delain presents Moonbathers with track by track commentary

Nightwish – The Poet And The Pendulum

Lunafog – In the Dead of Night

Scardust – Shards Pt II Shadow

Mist Of Misery – Epitaph Of Penitence

Lanthanein – A Orillas del Silencio (At the Shores of Silence)

Sorronia – Forsaken Tale

Winter In Eden – For The Few

The Silent Rage – Between Harmony and Sorrow

Sabaton – Sparta

Tyr – Blood Of Heroes

Equilibrium – Katharsis

Alestorm – Leviathan

Saor – Farewell

SIG:AR:TYR – Krossanes

Arkona – Odna

Heidevolk – Nehalennia

Saltatio Mortis – Wachstum Uber Alles

Trollgasm – The Goblin Song