27 October 2016

The Sanctum 26th October 2016 Edition

DJ Scott brings you your weekly fix of some of the very best music in the world of symphonic metal and folk metal. This week DJ Scott interviews Awake By Design and Stream Of Passion as well as a fine selection including tracks from Forever Still, Sirenia, Enemy Of Reality, The Silent Rage, Sojourner, Van Canto and more.

[mixcloud width=”” height=”” cover=”1″ mini=”1″ light=”1″ autoplay=”1″ tracklist=”1″ artwork=”1″ iframe=”true” ]https://www.mixcloud.com/MidlandsMetalheads/the-sanctum-26th-october-2016-edition/[/mixcloud]

Awake By Design – Falling On Me

Awake By Design interview

Stream Of Passion interview

Stream Of Passion – In The End

Stream Of Passion – I Have A Right

Sirenia – The 12th Hour

Dark Sarah – Aquarium (ft Charlotte Wessels)

Forever Still – Miss Madness

Sonata Arctica – Till Death’s Done Us Apart

The Silent Rage – Between Harmony And Sorrow

Enemy Of Reality – In Hiding

Epochate – Of Shade And Light

Hecate Enthroned – Thrones Of Shadow

Cradle Of Filth – A Gothic Romance

Chthonic – Quell The Souls In Sing Ling Temple

Carach Angren – Two Flies Flew Into A Black Sugar Cobweb

Ovid’s Withering – The Reckoning. The Summoning. The Plague

Ensiferum – Heathen Horde

Amon Amarth – Back On Northern Shores

Sabaton – Sparta

Skalmold – Vanaheimur

Sojourner – Empires Of Ash

Equilibrium – Waldschrein

Battlelore – House Of Heroes

Van Canto – Holding Out For A Hero