25 January 2019

The Rule Breakers 22.01.19

T H E // R U L E // B R E A K E R S // W I T H // L E X I // F R A N C E S !! 💀🖤✌️

O N // T H I S // W E E K S // S H O W …

Celebrating the #Anniversary of Whiskey A Go-Go opening in #LA with the likes of The Doors, The Byrds, Sam Cooke and Buffalo Springfield

As well as #Records from Chris Stapleton, Led Zeppelin, INXS and George Harrison

Plus celebrating the #IAmTheHighway #TributeConcert from Chris Cornell that occurred last week. Playing #Classics from Temple Of The Dog, Ziggy Marley, Metallica, Malfunkshun, Queens of the Stone Age, Peter Frampton, Audioslave, The Melvins, Foo Fighters and of course, Soundgarden

There may even be some #NewMusic from Hozier and The Cranberries!

Listen Again right here, and be sure not to miss next weeks edition of The Rule Breakers, Tuesday, 8-10pm only on www.midlandsmetalheads.com or via our #RadioApp

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This Week’s Playlist:

  • Temple of The Dog – Say Hello To Heaven
  • The Doors – Love Her Madly
  • Led Zeppelin – Thank You
  • The Cranberries – All Over Now
  • Buffalo Springfield – For What Its Worth
  • Sam Cooke – A Change Gonna Come
  • The Byrds – Eight Miles High
  • Chris Stapleton – I Was Wrong
  • Bikini Kill – Feels Blind
  • INXS – Mystify
  • Chris Cornell – Two Drink Minimum
  • Hozier – Almost Sweet
  • George Harrison – Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea
  • Chris Cornell – Seasons
  • Ziggy Marley – Rainbow In The Sky
  • Foo Fighters – Best of You
  • Metallica – Nothing Else Matters
  • Malfunkshun – With Yo Heart Not Yo Head
  • Peter Frampton – Baby I Love Your Way
  • Queens of The Stone Age – Go With The Flow
  • Audioslave – Show Me How To Live
  • The Melvins – The Bit
  • MC5 – Kick Out The Jams
  • Soundgarden – Spoonman