23 October 2019

The Rock N’ Roll Penitentiary with DJ Mitz 19/10/19



19/10/19: DJ Mitz brings you The Rock N’ Roll Penitentiary with weekly lashings of Hard Rock / Glam / Sleaze with a side order of AOR. From New, recent and modern tracks to classic levels of pure noize and everything that fits in between the cracks. Ooo-Err!

Every week we’ll be diving in to shake and break your afternoon with how it used to be with 100% Good Old Dirty Rock N’ Roll. No musical snobbery, good tunes and good times…


Airbourne – She Gives Me Hell
Faithsedge – Back From This
Wayward Sons – Punchline
Nikki Stringfield – When The Devil Comes Down
Find Me – Can’t Let Go
Ablaze – Where’s My Drink
Pretty Maids – Firesoul Fly
Stone Broken – Wait For You
Wicked – High Roller
The Cruel Intentions – Chaos in a Bombshell
The Last Internationale – Freak Revolution
The Cult – Wildflower
Quiet Riot – The Wild and The Young
Motley Crue – Starry Eyes
Bang Tango – Love Injection
Keel – Somebody’s Waiting
Autograph – Night Teen and Non Stop
Kick Axe – Hellraisers
Hanoi Rock – Back To Mystery City
Guns N’ Roses – Get In The Ring
Nitro – Freight Train
Dangerous Toys – Teas’n Pleas’n
Aldo Nova – Monkey On Your Back
Great White – Rock Me
Bon Jovi – In and Out Of Love
Aerosmith – Livin’ On The Edge

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