16 September 2019

The Rock N’ Roll Penitentiary with DJ Mitz 14.09.19

14/09/19: DJ Mitz brings you The Rock N’ Roll Penitentiary with weekly lashings of Hard Rock / Glam / Sleaze with a side order of AOR. From New, recent and modern tracks to classic levels of pure noize and everything that fits in between the cracks. Ooo-Err!

Every week we’ll be diving in to shake and break your afternoon with how it used to be with 100% Good Old Dirty Rock N’ Roll. No musical snobbery, good tunes and good times…


Rebel Machine – Full Throttle
Frontback – Back To Hell
Work of Art – Be the Believer
Vega – Under The Sun
Electric Mob – Need To Rush
Steel Panther – Gods of Pussy
Block Buster – Gone By The Morning
Prowess – Saturday Night Special
Statement – California Dreaming
Liv Sin – Hope Begins To Fade
Steel Mountain Crossing – Say What You Will
Adrenaline Rush – Love Like Poison
Halestorm – I Get Off
Kobra and the Lotus – Get The Fuck Out of Here
Myles Kennedy – Blind Faith
Adrenalin Kick – Beware The Stranger
Vinnie Vincent’s Invasion – Boyz Gonna Rock
Warlock – Fight For Rock
Twisted Sister – Shoot ‘Em Down
Ugly Kid Joe – So Damn Cool
Iron Maiden – Heaven Can Wait
Van Halen – Sinners Swing
UFO – Rock Bottom
Bon Jovi – Born To Be My Baby
Enuff Z’Nuff – In The Groove
W.A.S.P – Chainsaw Charlie