22 July 2019

The Rock N Roll Penitentiary Special: Classics Vs. Classics – DJ Mitz 20.07.19

20/07/19: DJ Mitz brings you The Rock N’ Roll Penitentiary with a special: Classics Vs. Classics. This week we’ll dive into the BEST and REST of Mitz’s personal choices of what shaped him, got his mind and pulse racing musically in his early years…

He’ll be diving in to shake and break your afternoon with how it used to be… 100% good old dirty rock n’ roll. No musical snobbery, good tunes and good times…


Aerosmith – Sweet Emotion
Tigertailz – Living Without You
New York Dolls – Personality Crisis
Iggy Pop – Real Wild One
Love / Hate – Why Do You Think They Call It Dope
Iron Maiden – Wasted Years
Green Jelly – Three Little Pigs
Thunder – Backstreet Symphony
Megadeth – Sweating Bullets
Guns N’ Roses – Out Ta Get Me
Black Sabbath – Never Say Die
Queen – Hammer To Fall
Little Angels – Too Much Too Young
Rainbow – Long Live Rock ‘N Roll
L.A Guns – No Mercy
Metallica – Sad But True
Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love
Electric Boys – All Hips and Lips
Judas Priest – Living After Midnight
The Quireboys – 7 O’Clock
Faces – Stay With Me
Terrorvision – Oblivion
WASP – Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)
The Sweet – Ballroom Blitz
Poison – Look What The Cat Dragged In
Ugly Kid Joe – Everything About You
Motley Crue – Same Ol’ Situation