18 April 2020

The Rock N` Roll Penitentiary Dances With The Dead

Mitz is still on holiday so this week his slot has been filled by Ben Jekyll. 

And he decided to treat us to a brief history of funk metal gods Extreme and their post band projects.

Either side of that he made them the filling of a garage rock sandwich, check the playlist below

Backyard Babies – let`s go to hell
The Hellacopters – (gotta get some action) now!
The Hives – main offender
The Datsuns – lady
Hardcore Superstar – hey now!!
Danko Jones – love is unkind
Jet – get me outta here
The D4 – get loose
Extreme – play with me
Extreme – get the funk out
Extreme – tragic comic
Extreme – cynical
Extreme – king of the ladies
Super Transatlantic – super down
Mourning Widows – the air that you breathe
Dramagods – megaton
Perry Farrels Satellite Party – wish upon a dog star
Hurtsmile – just war theory
Tribe of Judah – thanks for nothing
The Strokes – juicebox
The Vines – get free
The Subways – rock & roll queen
Hybrid Chrildren – like every day is the last
Hate Gallery – truth about you
Nemhain – ana
The Wildhearts – suckerpunch

Mitz will be back next week, the Penitentiary will hit mmhradio.co.uk from 2-4pm next Saturday.

If you liked what you heard you can also catch Ben Jekyll on his show Dancing With The Dead on a Saturday night from 8-10pm, just before Heresy, also on mmhradio.co.uk