12 March 2018

The Lost Art with The Progmeister 11th March 2018

A weekly 3 hour show that goes out EVERY Sunday @ 4.00pm via Midlands Metalheads Radio. Presented by Steve Gould aka The Progmeister, the show caters for ALL aspects of Progressive Rock from around the World. Old, New and Classic Prog will be featured here.

On this week’s show:

Jadis – Make Me Move
Millenium – Dark Secrets
Unitopia – Common Goal
Genesis – Driving The Last Spike
Scarlet Inside – The Room Of Mundane Things
Thought Chamber – Balance Of One
Graal – Knife Edge
Dream Theater – The Ministry Of Lost Souls
England – Three Piece Suite
Syzygy – M.O.T.H.
Nightwish – Storytime
Tangerine Circus – The Conspiracy
Cirrus Bay – Second Departure
Satellite – Every Desert Got The Ocean
David Younger – Here And Now

Release date:
11 March 2018