10 May 2021

The Lost Art with Steve ‘n Lou 9th May 2021

With the usual WEALTH of awesomeness, please be upstanding for only the FINEST cuts of Prog as we join Steve & Lou for this weeks’ enthralling edition of “The Lost Art” where we feature a mind-blowing THREE WHOLE HOURS of Prog chat ‘n choonz, just for you. ENJOY !!


A Liquid Landscape – A Brief Moment Of Future
Kayak – A Writer’s Tale
Jane Getter Premonition – Surprised
ArHai – Morena
Voronoi – Interstellar Something
The Emerald Dawn – The Ascent
Opeth – Ghost Of Perdition (Live)
Genesis – Robbery, Assault And Battery
It Bites – When I Fall
It Bites – Come On
Abigail’s Ghost – Annie Enemy
Big Big Train – Common Ground
Asia Minor – Deadline Of A Lifetime
Legend – Leap Of Faith
Tomita – Snowflakes Are Dancing
Syzygy – Dreams
The Winter Tree – The Earth’s Sharp Edge
Lo Fi Resistance – How It Works