24 May 2021

The Lost Art with Steve ‘n Lou 23rd May 2021 (inc John Mitchell interview)

Jeez, we really spoil you lot !!! This week we have a lengthy, but very revealing (and ultimately interesting) interview with Lord Connaught himself – JOHN MITCHELL !! Enjoy the ride and soak up the tunez along the way – Stay Safe – Steve & Lou xx

Featured in this edition……..

Pale Mannequin – Colours Of Continuity
Astra – Beyond To Slight The Maze
Poor Genetic Material – The Garden
Unitopia – The Garden
Devin Townsend – Night (Live)
Uriah Heep – Take Away My Soul
Genesis – Driving The Last Spike
Supertramp – Another Man’s Woman (Live)
Steve Hackett – A Tower Struck Down
Nine Skies – Wilderness
The Watch – Hatred Of Wisdom
John Mitchell Interview
Frost* – Island Life (abridged)