14 June 2021

The Lost Art with Steve ‘n Lou 13th June 2021

OK, so we may have had the rug pulled from under us with “Freedom Day“, but to fill your time between now and the one day in July that can’t come quick enough, why not dive in and check out the VEY LATEST in all things PROG with your hosts, Steve & Lou – Partners In Prog xx

Joining us this week:

Traffic – Paper Sun
Argos – The Library Of The Future
Shadow Circus – Journey Of Everyman
Metamorphosis – Dark World
Camel – Docks/Beached
Big Big Train – Apollo
Electro Compulsive Therapy – Blackstar
Greta Van Fleet – The New Day
Gentle Giant – Betcha Thought We Couldn’t Do It
Disperse – Profane The Ground
Lind – Displaced And Criticised
Sinoptik – The Call
Dream Theater – The Ministry Of Lost Souls
Joe Little – Epilogue: A Million Points Of Light All At Once
The Dreaming Tree – Unified
Public Service Broadcasting – People, Let’s Dance
Paradigm Blue – The Mobius Trip (vii: Resistor)
The Aurora Project – Shadow Border
The Winter Tree – Sandman
Tadpoles – Firecracker