11 July 2022

The Lost Art with Steve & Lou “Rush ‘n Ryo” 10th July 2022

Celebrating the music of Rush and a lovely chat with Ryo Okumoto (Spock’s Beard) – It’s “RUSH ‘N RYO” !!!

This week………..

Shaven Primates – On The Bleeding Edge
The Mighty Ra – Seven Days
Francis Dunnery – Man Overboard
The Prog Collective – In The Land Of Grey And Pink
Relayer – Storyboard
The Algorithm – Cryptographic Memory
Ryo Okumoto – Godzilla vs King Ghidarah
Journey – Come Away With Me
New World Man – Jacob’s Ladder
Lush – Take A Friend
Subdivisions – Overture/Temples Of Syrinx
Working Men – La Villa Strangiato
Rush – Natural Science
Rush – Secret Touch
Rush – Tom Sawyer (Live)
Rush – Xanadu
YYNOT – Living Proof
Ryo Okumoto – The Watchmaker
Ryo Kumoto Interview
Progject trailer