08 February 2021

The Lost Art with Steve & Lou 7th Feb 2021

Join the fun with Steve & Lou on yet another 3 hour ride thru’ the MAD world of PROG !!!!

Featured in this week’s episode……….

Ainur – Wars Of Beleriand
Brian Meacham – Distant War
Talk Talk – It’s My Life
Transatlantic – Owl Howl
Celestial Burst – The Place Where I’m Supposed To Be
Francis Dunnery – My Own Reality
Raven Sad – City Lights And Desert Dark
Devin Townsend – Night (Live)
Amplifier – Motorhead
Spock’s Beard – Go The Way You Go
Evergrey – Where August Mourn
Symphony X – Iconoclast
Downes Braide Association – Remembrance
Sudler’s Row – Paradox
Andy Edwards – The Neurosis Daemon
Jordan Rudess – Tarkus (cover)
Asia Minor – In The Mist