07 June 2021

The Lost Art with Steve & Lou 6th June 2021

You know ya wanna, so why not click away and indulge yourself with three hours of PURE UNADULTERATED PROG in the company of Steve & Lou, Proggers To The Max !!! A wealth of new tunez awaits, so what ya waitin’ for ?? Dig in.

Chain Reaktor – Lonely City
The Phil Collins Big Band – The Los Endos Suite
Michal Lapaj – Flying Blind
Kajoshin – The Gate
Neal Morse Band – Momentum (Live)
K’mono – Feel You Pulsing
Bioplan – Perspex Cassidy
Focus – Hocus Pocus (Live)
Amplifier – Glory Electricity
Electro Compulsive Therapy – Stop Wait And Transcend
Dreamwalkers Inc – Chameleon (Live)
Avandra – Afferent Realms
Soul Secret – The Ghost Syndicate
22 Layers – Hello Algorithm
TDW – Sleepless Angels
Lifesigns – Shoreline
Mobius – So They Tell Me
Brighteye Brison – The Rise Of Brighteye Brison