03 May 2021

The Lost Art with Steve & Lou 2nd May 2021

With April out the way, you “May” want to check out what’s happening in the “World Of Prog” with your hosts Steve & Lou. Once again we take you on a wild thrill ride to experience all that is hot (and sometimes NOT) in the Prog World. All requests, feedback, complaints, insults and comments – send ’em over: worldofproguk@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you. Have an amazing week – Steve ‘n Lou xx

Included in this week’s show………

Genesis – Behind The Lines
Zygon – Vortex
The Wring – The Light
Gentle Giant – Free Hand
Kiama – To The Edge
Robert Svilpa & Parasthesia – Mesmerize
Sonic Desolution – New Beginning
Nightwish – The Greatest Show On Earth
Deadwood Forest – The Ultra Violence
Nick Magnus – Mountain Mother
Lunatic Soul – Navvie
Martigan – Touch In Time
Huxley Would Approve – Blue Morpho Part 4: Metamorphosis
Moongarden – My Darkside
Abel Ganz – The Life Of The Honey Bee And Other Moments Of Clarity
Neverness – Rest In Pieces