29 November 2021

The Lost Art with Steve & Lou 28th Nov 2021

Once again, we bring the JOY with another three-hour sesh of all that is Hot and Bothered from the World Of Prog. Click away NOW and be entertained and enlightened – Massive hugs, Steve & Lou xx

This week

Brain Echoes – Time Capsule
Caravan – Down From London
Max Hunt – Dark Age Techno Dream
King Crimson – Starless (Live)
Band Of Rain – Black Book Of Camarthen
Viriditas – Small Boy In The Big City
Seas On The Moon – Bugs (Extended Version)
Dream Theater – Awaken The Master
John Petrucci – Gemini
Lunatic Soul – Gutter
Mastodon – Sickle And Peace
Fate’s Warning – One
Boston – Foreplay/Long Time
Journey – Girl Can’t Help It
Anyone – Don’t Swallow Tomorrow
Fleesh – One By One
Drott – Katabasis
The Omnific – Posterity
Transport Aerian – At The Cliff
The Flower Kings – Solaris