20 September 2021

The Lost Art with Steve & Lou 19th Sept 2021 (inc Threshold and Atomic Rooster interviews)

This week’s edition brings our HRH Prog look-back to a close, with interviews from Richard West (Threshold) and Pete French & Steve Bolton (Atomic Rooster) plus a dizzying array of Prog Tuneage selected JUST FOR YOU !! So dive in and enjoy the ride – Steve & Lou xxx

Fatal Fusion – The Divine Comedy
Daidrum – Distant Traveller
Rain – Magician
District 97 – The Man Who Knows Your Name
Atomic Rooster – Death Walks Behind You
Amplifier – Rainbow Machine
Kyros – Rumour
IT – Revolution (Live)
The Beatles – Come Together
James LaBrie – Agony
Steve Hackett – Clocks
Genesis – Domino
Richard West interview
Threshold – The Man Who Saw Through Time
Syndone – Sex Toys R Us
Atomic Rooster Interview (Steve Bolton & Pete French)
A Kew’s Tag – Calling Nemesis