11 April 2022

The Lost Art with Steve & Lou 10th April 2022

Would you believe it, another week gone by and another THREE HOURS of incredible tuneage lined up and ready to go – Enjoy, Steve & Lou xx

This week.

Rick Wakeman – Catherine Parr
Rush – Red Sector A
Kepler Ten – Falling Down
Lifesigns – Lighthouse
Pure Reason Revolution – Phantoms
Bjorn Riis – Run
Cosmograf – Rattrapante
Steven Wilson – Home Invasion (Live)
The Mute Gods – One Day
Sound Of Contact – Mobius Slip
Simon Collins – So Real
Dave Kerzner – Dirty Soap Box
Joe Satriani – Pumpin’
The Flower Kings – Monkey Business
Envy Of None – Dog’s Life
JPL – Paradis Perdu
Checking For Echo – Time
Hallas – Gallivants (Of Space)
The Flower Kings – World Gone Crazy