16 November 2020

The Lost Art with Steve Gould 15th Nov 2020

The latest (and probably greatest) edition of The Lost Art is now uploaded, primed and ready to go. So dive in and enjoy three hours of awesome Prog goodness that will (probably) blow your mind….


Jethro Tull – Minstrel In The Gallery
Kepler Ten – A New Kind Of Sideways
Frost* – Dear Dead Days
Steven Wilson – Drown With Me
Great Wide Nothing – The Best We Can Do Is Laugh
Tai Shan – Seven Minds
Kaipa – In the Wake Of Evolution
Stuckfish – Game Changer
Millenium – Greed
Rain – Dandelion
Enchant – Sinking Sand
Circu5 – Skin Machine
Lunatic Soul – Transition II
Illusion Of Gravity – Too Late
The Tirith – Half As High As The Year Before Last Year
Fate’s Warning – The Longest Shadow Of The Day
Temple Of Switches – Crusader
Lifesigns – Lighthouse