13 July 2020

The Lost Art with Steve Gould 12th July 2020

Join Steve Gould on “The Lost Art” as we explore a wealth of awesome tuneage (with a bucket-load of new material) from the World Of Prog….

Lonely Robot – Spiders
Arena – Paradise Of Thieves
Marillion – Charting The Single (Live)
Gazpacho – Fireworker
Alpha Lighting System – (Triangle symbol) from H+
The Light In The Ocean – Biehn’s Theme
Tinyfish – Wide Awake At Midnight
Kyros – In Vantablack
The Enid – Space Surfing
Alizarin – Elegy Simulacra
Escher’s Enigma – Creation
Caravan – The Dabsong Conshirtoe
Rickard Sjoblom’s Gungfly – Happy Somewhere In Between
Toto – Hooked
Voices From The Fuselage – Domus (Orchestral)
The Watch – DNAlien
Lufeh – The Edge
Rick Wakeman – Arsia Mons
Yes – Footprints