10 February 2020

The Lost Art with Progmeister UK 9th Feb 2020

The Lost Art with Progmeister UK, showcasing only the FINEST in Prog tuneage from around the World…

Genesis – The Knife
Marillion – Dry Land
Sound Of Contact – Pale Blue Dot
Bigelf – Blackball
A.C.T. – Everything’s Falling
Time Shift Accident – The Hand Of God
The Opposite Of Hate – Stolen Moments
Rope And Ladder – The Confrontation
Pandora – Apollo
The Cage – White Noise
Citizen Cain – Somewhere But Yesterday
Godsticks – Denigrate
Progression By Failure – Desperate Anger
M-Opus – The Big Swindle
Galahad – Ghost Of Durtal
Strangefish – Progress In Reverse