25 November 2019

The Lost Art with Progmeister UK 24th Nov 2019

This week’s stellar edition, we take a long hard listen to the output from German label GENERATION PROG.

Relocator – Proxima
Jeff Wayne – Horsell Common And The Heat Ray
Astra – Silent Sleep
Time Shift Accident – Pompeii
Hey Jester – Extraterrestrial Love
THEO – Idle Worship
System 7 – Sinbad
J.S.Tolar – Ghost Within
Pearl Handled Revolver – Peace By Piece (Live)
Alessandro Bertoni – Megas Alexandros Pts 1-3
Effloresce – Shuteye Wanderer
Skyblood – Once Invisible
Cea Serin – The Victim Cult
Circle Of Illusion – Nightmare
Moonshot – Worlds Of Yesterday (abridged)