25 September 2021

The Global Onslaught with DJ Jesse Luscious!


Someone slipped up and let DJ Jesse Luscious take over The Global Onslaught this week- tune in & hear the madness as he careens from hard rock to new wave to oi punk to outlaw country and ends back at punk!

Network- Spastic Society
Devo- Too Much Paranoia
Devo- Cameo
Keith Cook- Buzzards
Flipper- Sex Bomb
Muddibrooke- Liverpool Guy
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts- T.M.I.
Glitoris- Slut Power
Frightwig- Punk Rock Jailbait
Vendetta Love- Witches and Thieves
Wildhearts- News Of The World
Voodoo Radio- Space Girl
B-52s- Roam
A.F.I.- Twisted Tongues
Roxy Epoxy and the Rebound- I Know I Know
Tegan and Sara- We Didn’t Do It
Hank Williams III- Crazed Country Rebel
Whiskey and Co.- Barroom Women
Johnny Cash- Folsom Prison Blues (from “At Folsom Prision”)
Johnny Cash- Cocaine Blues (from “At Folsom Prision”)
Jesse Morris- Listed M.I.A.
Jimmy Barnes- Country and Eastern
Thunderclap- March of the Wombats
GayC/DC- Gay Boy Boogie
Cock Sparrer- Take Em All
Cock Sparrer- A.U.
Cockney Rejects- East End
Avengers- We Are The One
Anti-Flag- Die For The Government

You can hear Jesse Luscious spin his regular show every Monday night: