27 November 2018

The Global Onslaught- Adam Onslaught 23.11.18

On this weeks Global Onslaught we have a take-over with the mighty Seven Hells! Marc Cross, vocalist and front man takes us through
their latest released EP “Prologue”. We also chat about the band, what’s going on as we get to know a little more about the UK

Artillery- The Face of Fear
Broken Hands- Split in Two
Chrome Division- I’m on Fire Tonight
Collibus- Better Off Alone
Dead at 27- Envy
Edens Curse- Forever
Evil Scarecrow-Red Riding Hood
Fahran- Stand
Graveyard- It Ain’t Over Yet
Grey Czar- Fire Water Holy Ghost
Lilith and the Knight- War Cry
Metal Church- By the Numbers
Outright Resistence- Fang & Bone
Ramage Inc- Under the Skin
Resin- Monster
The Black Bullets- When the Devil Comes Knocking
The Dead Daisies- Can’t Take it With You
The Dust Coda- Let Me Go
The Virginmary’s- Look Out for My Brother
Seven Hells- Resist
Seven Hells- Broken Bones
Seven Hells- We Will Rise
Seven Hells- The Prophet