21 December 2020

The Eighties Rocked Sunday 20.12.20


Another two hours of the best that the 80s had!!

Track List –

Motley Crue – Kickstart My Heart

Journey – Dead Or Alive

Aldo Nova – Fantasy

Black Sabbath – Heaven And Hell

Metallica – Blackened

Def Leppard – Rocks Off

Van Halen – Panama

Scorpions – Don’t Stop At The Top

Living Colour – Cult Of Personality

Ratt – Round And Round

Quiet Riot – Metal Health

Slayer – South Of Heaven

Accept – Balls To The Wall

ACDC – Shake Your Foundations

Judas Priest – You Don’t Have To Be Old To Be Wise

Megadeth – Set The World Afire

Deep Purple – Perfect Strangers

Thin Lizzy – Cold Sweat

Faith No More – From Out Of Nowhere

Queensryche – Revolution Calling

Dio – The Last In Line

Samson – Tales Of The Fury

Iron Maiden – Wasted Years

ZZ Top – Stages