18 July 2015

The Circle Pit Exclusively Streaming Midwayer’s Thresholds, EP Releases Tomorrow on Imminence Records

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Imminence Records’ Georgia based melodic hardcore outfit Midwayer, who formed in 2013 as a passion project for the members, is pleased to partner up with The Cricle Pit to exclusively stream the band’s forthcoming Thresholds EP. The EP, which can be heard below, features six songs with guitarist Gary Pounds adding, “We’ve each been involved in several different genres, we’ve run the musical gamut and what we’ve done here, what we’re doing now just feels right.” With different musical background ranging from pop-punk to southern rock and even grindcore, Midwayer’s take on melodic hardcore is something unique and refreshing while also feeling familiar. Thresholds will be released tomorrow,  July 17th, as Imminence Records’ first Friday release of the new global release day initiative.