31 July 2020

The Breakfast Show 31.7.20


Welcome folks to another two hours of the best rock has to offer, courtesy of Tony Heare. Chill and enjoy!

Track List –

Megadeth – In My Darkest Hour

Rebecca Downes – Hurts

ACDC – Shake Your Foundations

Changing Tymz – Blinded

Skid Row – The Threat

Led Zeppelin – Hey Hey What Can I Do

Thin Lizzy – The Holy War

Blackhawkdown – Faces

Spidervayne – Sundance

Deep Purple – Flight Of The Rat

Thunder – Living For Today

Avenged Sevenfold – Almost Easy

Tokyo Motor Fist – Monster In Me

Iron Maiden – Holy Smoke

Massive Wagons – Buck

Cream – Strange Brew

Black Sabbath – Hole In The Sky

Rush – Fly By Night

Gorilla Riot – Still Doing Time

Shotgun Mistress – Glorious Machine

Night Ranger – Can’t Find Me A Thrill

Judas Priest – A Touch Of Evil

Shades Of Gray – Tied Up In Love

Metallica – Battery