24 April 2020

The Breakfast Show 24.4.20


Your alarm call for another weekday! Have a listen to classic tracks, new releases, the A-Z Of Rock Royalty, the year 1989 AND tracks from the new Trivium album with Matt Heafy. We spoil you lovely people!

Track List –

ACDC – Rock ‘N’ Roll Damnation

Uriah Heep – On The Rebound

Trident Waters – Control The Animal

Aerosmith – The Other Side

Mad Haven – Find A Way

Tremonti – Arm Yourself

Mr Big – Addicted To That Rush

Motley Crue – Dr Feelgood

Feral Sun – Blame

Night Ranger – You Can Still Rock In America

Trivium – Catastrophist

Alice Cooper – Why Trust You

Mr Big – Green-Tinted Sixties Mind

Eclipse – Vertigo

Skid Row – Youth Gone Wild

Trivium – What The Dead Men Say

Mr Big – Colorado Bulldog

Genesis – Jesus He Knows Me

Europe – More Than Meets The Eye

One Desire – Heroes

Metallica – Sad But True

Wishbone Ash – Jailbait (live)

Faith No More – From Out Of Nowhere

Mr Big – Defying Gravity

Deep Purple – Maybe I’m A Leo