02 May 2021

The Blues Cruise with Mr B – 2nd May 2021

The Blues Cruise is a voyage through a wealth of established and lesser-known blues artists. Whether you like old school like Delta and Chicago Blues, more recent rhythm and blues, or some unadulterated blues-rock, you will not be disappointed. Mr. B gets out and about to discover what’s new and what’s hot on the blues scene at local venues, bringing you the latest about bands to follow. The blues is alive and well on MMH – The Home of Rock Radio, so join Mr. B and explore the best the genre has to offer.

Arielle – Still A Man
Ally Venable – Heart Of Fire
Katie Knipp – Sad Eyed Lover
Alex Lopez – Even Up The Score
Marcus Lazarus – Somebody Get Me A Beer
Jim Kirkpatrick – 61 & 49
Davide Pannozzo – Leroy’s Blues
Reverend Freakchild – Personal Jesus
Layla Zoe – Nowhere Left To Go
Rebecca Downes – Wave them goodbye
Clarence Spady – K-Man
Larry Miller – Calling All The Angels
Tom Craig – My Turn To Cry
Ida Bang & The Blue Tears – Dear Daddy
Tia Carroll – I Need Someone
Emma Wilson – I put a spell on you
Donna Herula – The Soul Of A Man
Danny R & Paul Gillings – Star Gate
Davy Knowles – Come Home
Jose Ramirez – Whatever She Wants
The Reverend Shawn Amos – Spoonful
Jimi Hendrix – Red house
The Halley DeVestern Band – Money Ain’t Time