24 January 2021

The Blues Cruise with Mr B – 24th January 2021

The Blues Cruise is a voyage through a wealth of established and lesser-known blues artists. Whether you like old school like Delta and Chicago Blues, more recent rhythm and blues, or some unadulterated blues-rock, you will not be disappointed. Mr. B gets out and about to discover what’s new and what’s hot on the blues scene at local venues, bringing you the latest about bands to follow. The blues is alive and well on MMH – The Home of Rock Radio, so join Mr. B and explore the best the genre has to offer.


Rainbreakers – Ashes
Joanna Connor – I feel so good
Alvin Lee – I don’t give a damn
Alastair Greene – T’other way
Vanja Sky – All night
Ana Popovic – Long road down
Ryan Perry – One thing’s for certain
Albert Castiglia – Same old game
When Rivers Meet – Walking on the wire
The Terraplanes Blues Band – Catfish
Wily Bo Walker – I want to know
Sunjay – Love you like a man
Emma Wilson – Night time is the right time
Tony Campanella – Those are the times
Elles Bailey – You are not alone
Aynsley Lister – Little Wing
Too Slim and the Taildraggers – The Light
Alastair Greene feat Walter Trout – Another Lie
Ben Hemming – Dark Deals
Wille and The Bandits – Retribution
Alba – Sister
Adam Sweet – Trouble
Dr John – The Olive Tree